Our mission is to enhance the quality of shipboard life for crews of both US Navy and commercial ships. Técnico specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing shipboard joiner systems, doors and panels, custom furnishings, food service facilities, accommodation furnishings, lavatories/heads, ventilation and storage systems.

Our dedicated habitability and joiner system facilities include more than 50,000 square feet of fabrication and machine shop facilities, along with a 10,000 square foot Habitability/Joiner Systems Specialty Shop where we manufacture a full array of our own doors, panels and custom designs. These capabilities provide our customers with superior overall quality, delivery control, and cost savings.

Most of the products built by this division are custom-designed and custom-built, allowing our team members to acquire a diversity of skills. We recently designed, built and installed the Captain’s In-Port Complex on CVN 77, USS George H.W. Bush. We are flexible and capable of providing a wide variety of creative solutions. Representative products include: aluminum furniture, stainless steel and aluminum cabinetry, partitions and metal joiner doors. We focus our work on accommodation upgrades, reflagging projects, commercial products (e.g. custom computer workstations) and new construction.

Técnico specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing the following:

  • Shipboard Joiner Systems
  • Doors and Panels
  • Custom Furnishings
  • Food Service Facilities
  • Accommodation Furnishings
  • Lavatories/Heads
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Storage Systems