Técnico’s capabilities include a full complement of hull, mechanical and electrical (HM&E) services for both modernization and maintenance of US Navy, MSC, USCG and commercial vessels. Our success is based on the deck plate satisfaction of our customers. Maintaining strategic locations, Técnico Corporation is ready to provide rapid response worldwide.

The listing below provides a representative sample of the types of HM&E work we perform for our customers. Every effort is performed in strict accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality System which ensures effective planning, accurate material identification & procurement and development of cost effective prefabrication strategies as appropriate.

  • Hull penetrations and repairs
  • HVAC installation and upgrade
  • Electrical system installations/Switchboard repairs
  • Machinery foundation fabrication and installation
  • Warranty/Guarantee Repairs
  • Firefighting systems installation and repair
  • Flexible Weapons Stowage Alterations
  • Fabrication of Aluminum & Steel modules in support of new ship construction
  • Aluminum Hull & Structural Repairs (CRACKALT)
  • Service Craft Fire and Flooding Alarms Installations
  • Plastic Waste Processor Systems Installations
  • Shipboard Accommodation Ladder Fabrication & Installation
  • Integrated Bridge System Installations
  • SCBA Locker Design, Fabrication & Installation
  • Receiving, Staging, Storing & Kitting Material
  • Ship’s Service Diesel Generators Removal & Replacement
  • Close in Weapons Systems (CIWS) Installations
  • HFC Refrigeration & AC Alterations