Most of the products we build in this category are custom-designed and custom-built to meet the needs of our clients. Ask any sailor – they will not hesitate to tell you that shipboard life can be very difficult. Our mission is to improve their quality of life at sea.

Improvements in habitability can make the shipboard experience more palatable. (Source: US Navy QOL Survey)

The most important components of shipboard QOL include:

  • Facilities: Berthing areas, shower/head fixtures and personal storage space
  • Services: Food, recreational activities and internet access
  • Physical environment including lighting and temperature

We understand that proper QOL design must find a proper balance with the ships mission and survivability. Técnico Corporation’s habitability specialists have the know-how and tools necessary to make practical and positive improvements to a sailor’s quality of life while aboard US Navy vessels.

Técnico has extensive experience and in-house expertise with the design and installation of key habitability improvements including:

  • Millennium Head and shower facilities (which dramatically improves the life span of these important spaces and greatly reduces the
    amount of maintenance required to keep these spaces ship-shape)
  • Work space furniture systems
  • Common area and conference room furnishings
  • Custom furnishings
  • Accommodation Furnishings
  • Galley/Food Service Systems
  • Lavatories/Heads
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Storage Systems

Técnico designs are compliant with the NAVSEA Modular Systems approach. We also provide designs compatible with the Flexible Technology (Flex Tech) directive which facilitates efficient mounting and repositioning of space outfitting items such as equipment and furniture.